Today was such a beautiful, productive day.
The morning started off early because brandy and I had to speak on the radio about some upcoming things with dance. I was suuper nervous going into it but it wasn’t so bad actually and we totally conquered it! When I got home, I put some music on and started doing some laundry/prepacking for tomorrow. I listened to some neat stuff and found a few new blogs I’m happy to be following. Next I started painting. I painted for sooo long. it was wonderful and I felt so good while I did it. I caught myself just sort of smiling for no reason while I painted and I made me sit back for a second and just feel real glad and grateful for this year. this time last year was truly the hardest time for me and I really believe this last year god has carried me out of that and into wonderful, wonderful things! once I finished painting, I felt mostly satisfied with how it turned out but it didn’t matter so much because I knew that I wasn’t painting to make something fantastic. I was painting to paint and I felt like I did when I was a child. when I didn’t compare anything, I just concentrated on the colors in front of me. oh man, I enjoyed that so much c: But after that I laid on the floor and pet my gods. I missed them sooo much. and I god some old clothes together and dyed them black(ish…c:) which was so much fun but so much work! worth it though. and thennnnn. I talked to my mom for a while and while I did so I began to feel really happy because I was because I realized that simple conversation is a way that she feels loved. I think to her it means a lot to be listened to and have the opportunity to share. whatever it is. so then I started to clean up, and I still have more cleaning up to do. when it came time for the sunset, I went outside and watched it with a friend who’s in Redmond. it was wonderful to just sit for a while and appreciate all the colors and make jokes and take pictures c: it was also very pink and I think you guys know by now how I excited I get over pink clouds. and the day continues! my mom made one of my favorite meals for dinner and it was delicious. now I’m going to finish folding laundry and take a long shower. what a day! what a life! I feel so completely blessed. golly.